Servant Leaders

This tab could be called ‘Staff’ or simply ‘Leadership’, but since we have to call it something, we might as well call it what it is, right? And so we have chosen ‘Servant-Leadership’ as the primary descriptor. In a Presbyterian system the church is led by a group of elders (called the Session and consists of both ruling elders and teaching elders). The latter almost always have a masters of divinity degree from an accredited seminary. A Session is that body of elders whereby through prayerful considerations, and at times with great deliberation, they humbly and fearfully make decisions on behalf of the worshipping community, but frequently collaborate with the entire body of believers. Elders are nominated and eventually voted on by the congregation. Christ has already given us the image of servant-leadership, when he described himself in terms of ‘Shepherd’ and ‘Servant’. Without doubt, then, Christian leadership is built on the foundation of service toward others; after all, love is the fulfilment of the law (Romans 13:10). Here at CRPC we call our worship service ‘Divine Service’, which while a translation from the German, in truth is derived from the text of Holy Scripture. Turning the values of this world upside down, God revealed himself through Jesus as one who serves (Luke 22:24-27), but in an even more mind-blowing fashion, God the Father portrays the heavenly banquet as one in which we are HIS guests, and HE ‘serves’ us (Luke 12:35-40)!!! Just as every believer is a member of the divine ‘Royal Priesthood’ (1 Peter 2:9), so too, every believer realizes their heavenly calling through love of neighbor. Here, we simply recognize those who have that privilege and responsibility in a specific capacity within a Presbyterian system.



IMG_1542[1]Nate Johnson, Teaching Elder

Nate became the pastor of CRPC in the summer of 2015. He is married to Susan and together they have 8 of the best kids in the known world. They celebrated their 25th anniversary in July of 2014. Ok, yea, I admit, I’m writing this in third person! If someone else were writing this they’d say the eight were only among the top 50! 🙂

Nate has a bachelors in philosophy from the University of Colorado. Susan, his wife, has a bachelors in biology from Grove City College in Pennsylvania. Later Nate attended Westminster Seminary in California and then graduated from Denver Seminary with a Master of Divinity – now there’s an arrogant degree! The day someone thinks they’ve ‘mastered’ divinity is the day they better leave the ministry! Before that he was a bus driver and later a Sales Development manager for the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, Colorado. Together they still own and operate a small cleaning business.

Nate enjoys reading (that’s a shocker, huh?), but mostly non-fiction in the areas relating to his faith journey. The family continues to love camping and all that goes with it, and for civic contribution, but also enjoyment, the family maintains a section of the Colorado Trail, which efforts are totally performed by volunteers and stretches 500 hundred miles from Denver to Durango. He also enjoys photography, gardening, running (OK, it’s really jogging. Or is it waddling? Do I hear shuffling?) He loves to ride horses in the back country of the Rocky Mountains, and enjoys cooking when he has the time. He hunts elk, tries to fit back country hikes or a backpacking excursion in a rather busy schedule, canoes, and fishes for trout when he has the time.


IMG_1443[1]Carolyn Haeffelin, Ruling Elder, Stated Clerk

I am a wife of 53 years, married to the same man, and a mother of three sons.  The sons are loving family men whom Gary and I enjoy watching as they parent their children. The grandchildren are definitely examples of great blessings.  I am also a retired teacher with a Master Degree of Elementary Education and have had wonderful experiences sharing knowledge and the lives of so many students.  I have been a Believer for as long as I can remember.  I had strong role models of family members living a Christian life for which I am very grateful.  I always knew who Jesus was, but as my maturation progresses I also find a deeper relationship with God.  Now I get to serve Him as a Ruling Elder.  I feel blessed but somewhat burdened by the weight of it.  Praise God the Holy Spirit can use people like me and in spite of all foibles, God’s will is done.







HughHugh Hageman, Ruling Elder

Hugh Hageman is a 4th generation rancher from Goshen County. His great grandfather brought cattle up from Texas and settled around Orrin Junction. The family ranched in that area and later his father and mother ranched north of Douglas. Hugh was born in Douglas, Wyoming in 1961. Later that same year, the family bought a ranch in Goshen County and moved there. He graduated from Lingle-Ft. Laramie High School in 1979. He took classes at Eastern Wyoming College and went on to attend the University of Wyoming in 1980-1982 studying AG Business. He then returned to the family ranch where he currently resides. He married his wife, Lee, in 1987. Together they have 3 children: Brett, Carolyn, and Lane. He previously served on the Lingle/Ft. Laramie Conservation Board, Goshen County Farm Bureau Board of Directors and the Goshen County Fair Board. He is a past session member and youth group leader. He is currently a Goshen County Republican State Committee Man, Serves on the State Board of Education and volunteers to serve on committees for 4H. He enjoys attending his kid’s activities and functions, raising cattle and horses, and competing in a ranch rodeo now and then.










IMG_1441[1]Edward Wright, Ruling Elder (info coming soon)