The 5-10 minute Pit Stop

What is the good news of Jesus Christ?


The gospel is the good news declaration of the victory of God.

What is the law? What is the gospel? How do they relate to each other?


Redemption Accomplished AND Applied? What importance is there in such a distinction? Is it biblical?


What is the Covenantal Context of Redemption?


What is the Covenant of Grace?


The Christian life is simultaneously a life of weakness and strength, but in their proper order, weakness precedes strength.


Are there moral obligations during disagreement?

What is Hell? In a short clip, Dr. Packer, gives us but a glimpse.


What is prayer? Why pray if God knows everything?


What does it mean to say God is wrathful? Could this be true? Isn’t God all-loving?


Divorce and Remarriage with a compassionate expandable Evangelical viewpoint. This is a controversial topic, but this is a fine representation of a soft hyperbolic view.


Do we really know, or does the data confirm that Jesus truly existed, or is he to be categorized as mythological?


Can nothing create something?


Then if everything needs a cause, then who created God?